Esta Rae, a qualified social worker with 8 years practise was inspired to start the organisation as she was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia in her adult life. She achieved a BA honours in 2013 and a MA in music business management in 2019, despite having the invisible learning disabilities 
 Esta noticed the lack of advice and awareness in the community surrounding learning disabilities.She started the organisation to support, inspire and empower children young people, and their parents/carers .This was something that herself or her parents did not have when she was a child growing up, finding school challenging and not understanding why
Esta recognised that if her parents had advice support and guidance about her learning disabilties it would of equipped them with the tools to help her to reach her full potential.Hence Life With Dyslexia being launched in 2019
what we do
confidence building sessions for children
What we do
121 consultations for parents
what we do  

Group sessions for children and young people.Advice support and guidance for parents about relevant assessments​​​ for learning disability diagnosis

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